Here at Ecogenerazione, we aim at an extremely advisory approach toward our customers. A company that assesses this kind of investment, must be advices in the best way possible, to avoid any wrong choices.

Our duty is first and foremost informing our customers in the best way possible, by clearly highlighting the benefits that can be achieved, but also the limits of the systems and technologies offered. If wrong choices are made, the risks are high; however, when working correctly, the benefits can be just as significant.

Our customers choose us especially for our professionalism, transparency and honesty.

These are the services offered to our customers



An accurate preliminary study, comprising energy audits, treatment tests and a final in-depth report. Maximum transparency to assess the benefits that can be achieved, along with the customer.



We design the system we offer internally, and guarantee its performance with an “EPC” contract, or by funding it with the “ESCo” formula.



Installation of the entire system offered. Customers can rely on us as their only contact partner. Ecogenerazione offers the maximum level of professionalism through its own direct personnel, trained to work in any context.



Scheduled and extraordinary maintenance, for perfect efficiency of the systems offered over time. We intervene within 48 hours, all over Italy.

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